Flunky provides engaging security awareness training for companies
Technology alone can't do it all. People handle your most critical data. Don't let them be the weakest link!
Our Services
Attack Simulations
If you're not versed in security tech it's hard to relate to a security breach, until it happens to you. Through simmulated attacks we test the awareness level amongst your employees, but we also show them real-life examples of what can happen.
We provide fun and creative graphic materials designed to point the essential concepts for end user security. We provide newsletters, short educational materials, wallpapers.
Video Courses
We deliver custom video courses to educate non-technical users on essential security concepts. We keep them short and engaging and we deliver them on our platform or your LMS platform.
Our Team
Home Courses
Adrian Ionita

Adrian has 7 years experience in core-banking. His main focus is back-end development and databases, being specialized in Oracle technologies

Home Courses
Marius Cealera
Cloud Architect

Marius is an experienced Cloud Solution Architect with background in technical consulting, software engineering and customer support. His expertise is with Oracle, Microsoft Azure and AWS.

Home Courses
Theodora Ciungan
Data Protection

With 12 years experience across EMEA, working for large technology vendors, Theodora is currently leading the security team and the GDPR related services.

Home Courses
Gabriel Popescu

Gabi has 20 years experience in networking and system administration. He worked for large world-wide projects for banks and technology corporations.

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Vlad Cirstean
End-User Security Researcher
Partners and Customers
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The Wi-fi Alliance has officially announced the release of a new wireless security protocol: Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA3)

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