What does the internet know about me?

We’re always connected to the internet, either socializing, browsing, buying or simply entertaining ourselves. This is how your data ends up on servers all around the world.

What does the internet know about me?

Every respectable site comes with the option to view and download the data they have on you, so you can decide where to draw the line when it comes to your privacy, or even to stop using their services altogether. One example is Facebook, where aside from this, you can deactivate the facial recognition or you can decline the use of your information for personalized advertisements. Click HERE to update your settings.

On the other hand, Google comes with a very handy solution: Google Dashboard. Comprehensive and easy to use, you can manage both your info and your settings, all in one place.

Can my information be stolen from the sites I’m using?

This is the first question that comes to mind when we think about online security. Unfortunately, no matter how careful we are with the information we provide, some data might end up getting stolen from certain sites by hackers. The truth is we’re never truly safe on the internet, that’s why it is our responsibility to choose carefully who to trust with our personal data and how much we let out there.

Was my information stolen?

Click HERE and enter all your email addresses that you have.

If any of your accounts has been compromised, be sure to change the password. Of course, if you don’t need it anymore, it is best to delete the account altogether.

Although, most companies and services want to be transparent with the customers, the reality might be different when it comes to your personal data, therefore caution is always required. You should provide only the minimum information to use that service and, of course, to check what options they offer for managing or displaying this kind of data.

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