We are entitled to online privacy

We browse the internet daily for many reasons, that sometimes can be very personal.

Unfortunately, ad companies can and often track the sites you access, no matter how private your queries are.

In some cases, collecting the user data can be helpful for services like Google and Netflix which offer personalized suggestions that will best fit your interests. However, the same technology can make you the target of advertising industry. How, you ask? By showing you the ads, you are the most likely to click on. Therefore, you will end up buying a more expensive product or something you don’t even need. Although those companies claim to manage your info carefully, you shouldn’t fully trust them with it. They might use it against your best interests or even sell it for profit without your consent.

Even worse, usually they don’t even give you a choice. Fortunately, there are solutions.

How data is collected?

A web site usually contains images, text, videos. To make a long story short: the browser assembles them together and you’re left with the result. Of course, it is a bit more complicated than this. A lot of the data that make a web page run is not visible to the user. Therefore, ad companies can attach trackers to it , which are small programs invisible to us, that will identify what web pages you browse. Little by little they can put together your browsing history. Take for example a vegan who will search for vegan recipes and who will probably click on an ad for a restaurant that claims to serve vegetarian food. This might also apply to more sensible subjects.

The red circles are small parts of the web page that collect your data. This might happen no matter how popular a site is or how safe it might seem.

What can you do?

The solution is only a click away: install an extension that will block those tools from collecting your personal data. However, for quality online services some information is still required, so it will not be blocked.

The most appreciated are Privacy BadgerGhostery and Disconnect, all free, user friendly, with the sole purpose to protect your data. Despite all this, Privacy Badger it’s always adapting to the online environment and doesn’t require user interaction, offering the best balance between security and convenience. How do I get it? Click HERE and follow the instructions.

That’s all folks!

If you want to trust no one with your personal data, Disconnect blocks any tracker no matter its purpose, therefore stopping any web site from collecting your info. The down side is that sometimes the web page won’t load. Click HERE to install.

It’s easy to protect your privacy online!

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