Protect your accounts, use a Password Manager!

Imagine one day, you find out your login data has been stolen.  Your email and password are made public and any other account that uses the same info are at risk. Anyone who is ill-intended can see and use them to steal money from your credit card or to access your private conversations. It can happen to anybody.

Annually, all around the world, millions of users are affected when their personal data (email, passwords) is exposed. We use simple passwords, easy to remember, therefore easy for others to guess. Another problem is that web sites don’t always have rigorous security measures to protect the user.

The safest password? The one you don’t need to remember. A complex password is impossible to memorize, especially when we need a different one for every account that we have. The solution?  A Password Manager. You only need to set it up once and it will automatically complete all your login forms. It’s available on your laptop, phone or tablet to keep all your passwords safe.

It is difficult to use a Password Manager? Not at all!

Just install the app on all you’re your devices and create an account. All you need is an email address and a password, the only one you’ll have to remember from now on. This password must be quite complex, with more than 12 characters and a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. You should also use Two-Factor Authentication.

The next step is to import all your usernames and passwords. If they reside in the browser, you can do this automatically, but delete them from the browser because they might not be safely stored. The next step is to change all the passwords that aren’t unique. For some well-known sites like Facebook, Google, Instagram, the Password Manager will do this automatically, but for the most part is a manual process.

From now on, when you’ll sing up for a new account you’ll use the Password Manager. It will generate a random password, impossible to guess and you’ll never have to worry about it. It’s one click away.

There are many such applications, for example LastPassDashlane1Password, most free for personal use. While they offer similar functionality, the most famous is LastPass. It’s a great vault for your passwords and any other sensitive information (addresses, credit cards).

After the initial configuration, you can be rest assured that your passwords are safe. Furthermore, the application will autocomplete all your login data when you need it with only a press of a button. It’s simple, easy and safe to use a Password Manager!

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